Manohar N. Shinde presents

Driving Instructor Academy

Become An Instructor

100% Gauranteed Job

  • If you think that you can also get into this profession, get tips and tricks from Mr. Mahonar Shinde and become well trained Instructor.
  • Become An Instructor and get 100% job / placement as soon as you complete your course. Course duration is of 3 months. For further details please contact Manohar Shinde

  • Follow Driving

    Atleast 4 cars Long Drive

  • At the end of your course (i.e after 20 days) of driving Mr. Manohar Shinde takes all the students at follow driving where atleast four to six students (driving their own private car alone) goes on a long drive from Sion to panvel and return with all the cars back to back (Follow Driving).
  • Mr. Manohar Shinde will be in one of the car and other students have to follow. This follow driving is usually arranged only on Sunday.
  • Courses

    Driving course details:

  • We provide complete 20 days of coaching. Don't worry if you missed some of the days in middle of your course, days will be extended.
  • Training is provided to Licence holder only and are trained in their own private car. That means, student should have a four wheeler driving licence (Learner or Permanent) and should also have his/her own private car.

  • Driving Places

    Places where we usually drive and give practice

  • Hill Roads: Manav Mandir road, Malabar Hills - Walkeshwar, Mount Pleasant Road, Napeansea Road, Bandra Pali Hill, Bandra Mount Marry, etc.
  • Crowded Roads: Dharavi, New Mill Road - Kurla (WEST), KabutarKhana - Dadar (WEST), Pydhonie - Masjid Bunder, etc.
  • Highway Practice: Western Express Highway, Eastern Express Highway, Ghodbunder Highway, State Highway 42, etc.
  • D.I.A vs Driving school

    Why do I choose D.I.A (Driving Instructor Academy) instead of other Driving schools?

    There are many reasons you will find when you compare D.I.A (Driving Instructor Academy) with other Driving schools, some of them are as below
  • Driving school gives only half an hour driving per day but D.I.A gives one hour of driving practice every day.
  • Driving school's Instructor controls almost 87% of the car by the additional Clutch-Brakes given under their control but in D.I.A instructor do not have any additional Clutch-Brakes since driving is taught in your own private car, all you have to drive i.e More Confidence.
  • Most of the Driving schools leaves their student on their own after 20 days even if student have learned or not they don't care but in D.I.A we are not gonna leave you until n until you drive well.
  • Free Pick-up and Drop service is provided even if you stay at any cornor in mumbai.
  • "100% Confidence of Driving Gauranteed" says Mr. Manohar Shinde.
  • Testimonials

    Manohar Shinde
    Enterpreneur / Founder
    Driving Instructor Academy

    Manohar N. Shinde well-known as Topiwala Sir, not from a tech background, but with a hugh experience of driving, with a strong profile, with great and relevant connections. Very charming, very easy with people, but also steely and able to command respect from the team and students.

    Ravi Shinde
    Managing Director
    Driving Instructor Academy

    Ravi Shinde says, "I wish that I knew how difficult it is to acquire a customer, get them to pay for the training we provide and believe it's as magical as you think it is."